The company "nyda-a resource" has brought to tyumen deer sausage with pine nuts
Sept. 8, 2017

Tyumen at the eighth agricultural exhibition a great interest of exhibitors and visitors was aroused by the production of "Nyda-a resource" from the Nadym district. The company presented the exhibition "Try the Arctic taste." A wide range of products from herbs, compotes and preserves cranberry, blueberry, bilberry, cloudberry, cranberry, also products of reindeer herding and fisheries.

Director Jeanne Husak proudly notes that they have in this year have established even the issue of Halal meat and fish.

"Demand creates supply. We began to produce venison-Halal and semi-finished products-Halal pike. In addition, began the production of deer sausage with pine nuts and even pomegranate seeds. Such exhibitions give us the opportunity to exchange experiences. We have one goal - to be first in everything, and it behooves us to experiment and produce new products. And we cope with the task," said Jeanne Husak.